When tutoring, you will find yourself with many tutees that are different from you.  Someone may have a learning disability.  Another person may be of a different race, religion, age group, or gender.  Below are areas to consider and ways to overcome your differences.

  • Avoid Stereotyping
  • Find Similarities
    • What do you have in common? Finding the answer(s) will help both of you become comfortable with each other.  Establishing a comfort zone will allow trust to soon follow, in turn allowing your tutoring session to flow more smoothly.
    • Do you share a hobby?
    • Do you like the same music?
    • Do you drive the same type of car?
    • Do you both play sports?
  • Respect Differences


**Adapted from: "Step 10 - Diversity." Teaching and Learning Center. Owensboro
Community and Technical College. 20 Feb. 2009