Getting to Know the College and Career Readiness Department

Let's get to know the CPCC College and Career Readiness Department



    Our vision is to become a national leader in adult education by responding to students’ needs and providing innovative pathways to economic and personal self-sufficiency.

    Core Values

    We encourage and reward creative and innovative thinking in program delivery to better prepare our students for the workforce. We promote accelerated learning, encourage the meaningful use of technology, and promote student creativity.

    We embrace opportunities to collectively plan and deliver services to adult learners that stimulate and support educational and career opportunities. We believe that by working together we can achieve more than individuals working separately.

    We listen to our learners’ needs and maintain flexibility to ensure that all learners have an opportunity for success. We anticipate change and continually explore options to improve our work.

    We are committed to an accountable, efficient, and quality adult education system. We thrive to be the best in everything we do and recognize the achievements of faculty, staff, and students. We are passionate about delivering superior services to adult learners.

    We develop effective solutions to overcome internal and external obstacles to achieve success for adult learners. We create a work environment that fosters professional growth and continuous improvement. We treat each other with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the value of diversity.

    College and Career Readiness Program Overview

      • Foundational Skills (formerly Adult Basic Education – ABE):  CPCC’s Foundational Skills program offers students an opportunity to learn basic reading, writing and math skills. Students see firsthand how these skills relate to daily living by completing such tasks as reading a newspaper, helping their children with homework, writing a letter, calculating a budget and so much more.  Foundational Skills consists of four levels of study. After completing level four, students will be prepared for entry into GED Preparation Programs, Adult High School and/or Pathways to Careers.
        • High School Equivalency (HiSET & GED):  The HiSET and GED preparation program offers students an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the HiSET or GED® Tests and earn a high school equivalency diploma.  The HiSET and GED® Tests measure knowledge in science, math, social studies, reading, and writing, including a written essay that assesses a student’s ability to communicate effectively.  CPCC offers four flexible options for preparing for the HiSET or GED® so that students can select the one that best meets their needs and goals.
          • Adult High School (AHSD):  The AHSD program offers you a chance to complete the credits needed to earn a high school diploma from Charlotte/Mecklenburg Schools.  A counselor will review each student’s high school transcript to determine how many classes are needed to earn a diploma.  CPCC offers a flexible schedule of eight-week classes and distance learning courses so students can select the way they learn best!
            • Pathways to Careers:  Offers qualified students the unique chance to work toward completion of their GED® while receiving occupational and work readiness training. All Pathways to Careers scholars will attend CPCC as full-time students and will receive scholarships to cover the full cost of classes. Students receive academic assessments and advising to determine their placement into one of the following programs:
                • Bridge to Careers is designed to build academic skills while providing students with an opportunity to explore college and career options. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to earn the National Work Readiness Credential.  Students who complete Bridge to Careers may continue their education at CPCC in a GED Preparation Program or as a Pathways to Employment scholar.
                • Pathways to Employment prepares students for entry-level employment in high-demand careers.  The program integrates academic skill development, career advising, work readiness training and occupation-specific training through college-level courses.  Students who complete their chosen Pathways to Employment program earn industry-specific occupational certificates.  Students can prepare for the GED® while they earn college credit.
                • Human Resources Development (HRD):  The mission of HRD is to educate and train students for success in the workplace. These courses offer a rare opportunity to talk with business professionals, get answers to employment questions and learn how to become a stronger candidate.  The HRD program at CPCC provides skill assessment services, employability skills training, and career development counseling to individuals in transition and in the emerging workforce.
                  • i-LEAD:  This program, formerly known as Special Learning Needs or Compensatory Education, offers specialized education and transition courses for adults diagnosed with an intellectual disability or a traumatic brain injury.
                    • English as a Second Language (ESL):  English as a Second Language (ESL) is English language instruction by professionals trained to teach students from diverse cultural, geographical and linguistic backgrounds.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Q. How much do these classes costs?
                      A.  All College and Career Readiness classes are FREE for qualifying students. Students may be required to cover the cost of classroom materials including textbooks.

                      Q.  Are classes offered off Campus at a community site?
                      A.  Yes.  Many programs offer classes at community sites such as churches, libraries, community centers, and more.

                      Q.  Can Minors attend classes?
                      A:  Minors can attend Foundational Skills and GED Preparation classes.  They may not attend Adult High School Classes.  Please visit for additional information.

                      Q. When do classes start?
                      A. Classes are offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  They take place at various times during the day and evening.  When you register for your class, you will be given the specific information about your class start times.

                      Q. Do you have night classes?
                      A. Most programs offer night classes.

                      Q. Do you have weekend classes?
                      A. Foundational Skills, GED Preparation and Adult High School do not offer classes on the weekends. ESL offers classes on Friday or Saturday, but students must verify the class schedule during registration.

                      Q. Do you have online classes?
                      A. Yes.  We offer GED Preparation and ESL Classes online.

                      Q. What credentials do students earn?
                      A. Upon completing the Adult High School program track, students can earn a high school diploma. Upon completing the GED program track, students can earn a GED® high school equivalency diploma.  Upon completing Pathways to Employment, students can also earn an occupational certificate in high growth jobs.