GED Minor Process Overview

    • Minor students (ages 16 and 17 years old) must be withdrawn from their last Mecklenburg County school for at least four months.
    • Minor students must obtain a GED Minors Release Form (for CMS students), or a withdraw form/letter (for private school and home school students) from their last high school attended.
    • Home school, private, and out of Mecklenburg County students will be asked to complete this release form at Orientation.
    • After the GED Minor Release Form has been completed, minor students and their parent/guardian must attend a GED Orientation Session.  Please contact Jonathan Klish to schedule the orientation.
      • Phone:  704-330-2722 x 3262
      • Email:  Jonathan.Klish@cpcc.edu
      • Room:  Central Campus, Education Center Room 115
      • Schedule:  Monday and Wednesday 10:00am - 3:00pm.

    CMS High School Withdrawal Form Process

    Step One (1):

    Section A
    The Student and Parent/Guardian must go to the last high school (or middle school) attended and ask to be withdrawn, and request a Parent/Guardian Petition of a Minor Applicant Release Form.

    Step Two (2):

    Section B
    The Student and Parent/Guardian must sign the Release Form in the presence of the school's Notary.

    Step Three (3):

    Section C
    The Principal must annotate the official withdrawal and sign the Release Form.

    Step Four (4):

    Section E
    The Student and Parent/Guardian must take the Release Form to the CMS School Counseling Services office and have Dr. Marion Bish, CMS Superintendent/Designee sign the Release Form.

    CMS Student Services Department
    4421 Stuart Andrew Blvd. 5th floor
    Charlotte, NC 28217
    Phone:  980 - 343 -  3653
    Fax: 980 - 343 - 3777

    Step Five (5):

    Section D
    The Student and Parent/Guardian must bring the Release Form to their scheduled CPCC GED Minor's Program Orientation.