The intent of the scholarship program is to provide books and tuition for students wishing to enroll in the Pathways program.

Who qualifies for a scholarship?

Candidates who meet the criteria described here will be considered for a scholarship. The criteria will include those students needing a GED or those with reading or math assessments within a specific range. In addition, recipients of scholarships must meet one of the following categories as outlined below.

Category 1 – Unemployed, Career Changers, Emerging Workers, and Downsized Workers

Unemployed are those who are not working and want to be in a self-sustaining career.

Emerging workers are those students recently graduated from high school or GED who are seeking short-term training.

Career changers are those workers who are seeking to update their education and skills for jobs that are in demand in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.

Downsized workers are those workers who are returning to education for a career change because of company downsizing or job/skill elimination.

Category 2 – Single-parents, Homemakers, and Displaced Homemakers

Single parents are those who are challenged to provide the sole support of their children and need the education and training to prepare for a self-sustaining career.

Homemakers are those newly emerging or returning to the workforce without the necessary skills for employment in a satisfactory career.

Displaced homemakers are those who need the education and career skills necessary for the family to be self-sustaining.