Military BranchEnlistment Education RequirementsSource
Air Force Generally speaking, you must be a high school graduate to enlist in the Air Force. Unlike other services, the Air Force usually accepts only individuals with a high school diploma or adult education diploma. They do accept an extremely small number of individuals with a GED or equivalent. Those individuals must have exceptionally high scores on the AFQT. Air Force
Army The United States Army accepts enlistment from both those with high school diplomas and those with a GED. Some jobs with the Army will require a diploma and enlistment bonuses may be higher with a diploma. U.S. Army Info
Marine Corps High School Diploma Marine Corps
National Guard Most states require applicants to have a high school diploma (or be working toward it), but each state sets its own education requirements. Contact a recruiter to get the latest information about your state's requirements. National Guard
Navy Only about 1/2 of a percent of all Air Force enlistments each year are GED-Holders. To even be considered for one of these very few slots, a GED-holder must score a minimum of 65 on the AFQT. The Air Force allows a higher enlistment rank for recruits with college credit. About US Military