What is on the GED Test?

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The tests that make up the GED® Test Battery are briefly described below. This is only a very general guideline. Writing Skills Test - Part II is an essay. All other questions on the GED® Tests are multiple choice with five possible answers.  The questions range in difficulty from easy to hard, and cover a wide range of subjects. To receive a high school equivalency diploma you must score at least 41 points on an individual test, and all your test scores together must be 225 points or more (average of 45 per test).

Language Arts - Writing 1 75 minutes 50 Questions
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar and usage
  • Punctuation and capitalization.
  • Organization (15%)
  • Sentence Structure (30%)
  • Usage (30%)
  • Mechanics (25%)
Language Arts - Writing 2 45 minutes Essay Write a 200-word essay on a given topic (45-minute direct writing exercise)
  • Essay - 30%
Language Arts - Reading 1 65 minutes 40 Questions Ability to read and analyze a variety of passages.
  • Liberty Texts (poetry; drama; prose fiction >1920, 1920-1960, <1960 - 75%
  • Nonfiction Prose (Biography, Critical Review of Fine and Performing Arts; Workplace Documents) - 25%
Science 1 80 minutes 50 questions Knowledge of Biology, Health, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Life Science (Biology and Health) (45%)
  • Earth and Space Science (20%)
  • Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics) (35%)
Social Studies 1 70 minutes 50 questions Knowledge of United States History, World History, Economics, Civics and Government, and Geography.
  • National History (25%)
  • World History (15%)
  • Economics (20%)
  • Civics & Government (25%)
  • Geography (15%)
Mathematics 1 45 minutes 25 Questions

A Casio fx-260 scientific calculator will be allowed and provided.

Basic Computation

  • Number Sense & Operations (25%)
  • Measurement & Geometry (25%)
  • Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability (25%)
  • Algebra, Functions and Patterns (25%).
Mathematics 2 45 minutes 25 Questions Applied Mathematics

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