Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH

Internships are an excellent way to increase your marketability.  That’s why we have incorporated project SEARCH into our Compensatory Education program; because we understand students at all levels of learning should be equipped with the professional skills necessary to find success in today’s economy.

About Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a national initiative that seeks to teach students with significant intellectual disabilities important employability skills by connecting them to available internship opportunities in the marketplace.  This real-world experience gives individuals an opportunity to:

  • Receive valuable post-secondary training and FREE internship experience.
  • Work in high-status organizations and learn high-demand skill sets.
  • Develop their strengths.
  • Work towards becoming more independent in areas such as employment, transportation, daily living, and more.

At CPCC, our Project SEARCH students discover fulfilling careers, working with our partnering organizations to develop marketable and transferable skills that may lead to competitive employment.

Our project SEARCH internship sites are designed to meet each student’s strengths, creating meaningful learning environments that empower students with disabilities to learn, achieve and succeed.

Project SEARCH was developed at Cincinnati Childrens' Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Erin Riehle and Susie Rutkowski.  Project SEARCH is copyright-protected, fidelity-based service model and cannot be replicated without the express permission of the program founders.  In North Carolina information about NC Project SEARCH is available through