What is Compensatory Education?

Compensatory Education is an adult education program at Central Piedmont Community College for persons who have an intellectual disability or brain injury.  The program teaches the basic life skills needed to live more independently and work successfully.

What types of subjects will students study in these classes?

Most students take classes that help them become better readers and more proficient in the math skills needed for daily life.  Some of the classes cover specific topics such as community living skills, per-vocational skills, interpersonal skills, current events and understanding government.

Where are when are classes held?

Classes are held on the Central Campus of the College, at Nevins, Inc. and Goodwill Industries.  Most classes are offered during the morning and early afternoon hours.  Three classes meet late in the afternoon.

How much will it cost to take these classes?

The classes are free.  Books and materials are provided at no cost.

How long does the program last?

The program provides classes designed for lifelong learning.  As long as you want to work on your personal learning goals, you may attend the classes.

What are the requirements for taking classes at Central Campus?

Students who attend class at Central Campus must be 18 years old, able to move about the campus independently and provide for their own personal and medical needs.

May I take classes if I have to miss one or two days because of my job schedule?

Yes, you may adjust your schedule to fit your work schedule.  We want to be sure that attending classes does not jeopardize your ability to work and earn a living.

How do I sign up for these classes?

If you work at Nevins, Goodwill, or LifeSpan you ask your program manager to assist you in selecting a class.  Students who attend the Central Campus classes must make an appointment for an admissions interview with the Compensatory Education Program Coordinator by calling 704-330-6925.