Leisure and Humanities

Leisure and Humanities includes: leisure, visual arts appreciation, music appreciation, dance appreciation, drama/theater appreciation, sign language, and technology/computer.

Community Living

Community Living includes: geography, American history, civics, community services, home management, money management, and work behavior.

Functional Academics

Functional Academics includes: pre-reading skills, reading skills, functional writing, and math skills.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety includes: physical health, mental health, and personal safety.

Transitions and Project SEARCH

Our Transitions program works with students preparing to graduate from the Special Learning Needs program.  The classes include topics such as budgeting, resume writing, how to complete a job application, and transportation.  Project SEARCH is an internship opportunity offered in conjunction with our community partners.

Community Foundational Education

Our Community Foundational Education courses, offered at our partnering agencies, teach all four components of our main curriculum: Functional Academics, Leisure and Humanities, Health and Safety, and Community Living.  Students must enroll as program participants at the community site.