1-4 Consumer Education
CED 6110
Students will learn how to be wise consumers and deal with money management, basic consumer information and legal and financial matters.
1-4 Vocational Education
CED 6111
Students will learn about work performance skills, vocational awareness, and job seeking skills.
1-4 Health
CED 6112
This course focuses on strategies to improve physical and mental health.
1-4 Community Living
CED 6113
This course helps students deal with everyday tasks such as home management, food management and community services.
1-4 Math
CED 6114
This course helps students apply math skills to everyday living such as telling time, measuring and handling money.
1-4 Language Arts
CED 6115
Upon completion of this course, students will have improved skills in reading, writing, spelling and grammar required in basic tasks.
1-4 Social Science
CED 6116
This course helps students better understand the world around them and includes topics in geography, government, the legal system, current events and American history.

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