International Transcript Evaluation

Students are advised to submit their record of courses to an agency recognized by National Association of Credential Evaluating Services (NACES) for an international evaluation.  A letter grade (A, B or C) and earned credit hours must be provided for each course.  Course equivalencies based on terms such as "Pass" or "Satisfactory" are not acceptable.

You may request your CPCC evaluation after your official international evaluation report has been received by:

Student Records, CPCC
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235-5009

Courses completed with a C or higher grade from a regionally accredited institution and which match CPCC courses are transferable.

You will be notified by email when your evaluation has been completed.

Check your records online at and follow the link to My College.  Once you have logged in, select the Student tab, then under Academic Profile, select Transcript.

Make sure Curriculum Transcript is highlighted, and then submit.  All transferred courses will appear on your transcript.

international Education Evaluation Inc. Contact Information

7900 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd., Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28227
Phone:  704.545.2485
Fax:  704.545.2484