Refugees in Our Community

This is a brief summary of the majority of people groups represented in our programs.

Bhutanese (Ethnic Nepali)bhutan.JPG
- Location: Southern Bhutan
- Language: Nepali
- Religion: Hinduism
- Reason for Leaving: Ethnic
- Additional Information
Did you know? The forehead markings and beaded necklaces worn by the women are signs of marriage!

- Location: Vietnam
- Language: varies by tribe
- Religion: Christianity
- Reason for Leaving: religious persecution; political views.
Did you know? The Montagnard (pronounced “Mon-tan-yar”) are actually a collection of several different ethnic groups/tribes. Montagnard is French for “Mountain People”.
- Location: Somalia
- Language: Somali; tribal languages; Swahili
- Religion: Islam
- Reason for leaving: political views; ethnic persecution
Did you know? A dominate branch of Islam in the nation forbids the touching of men and woman. This is most noticeable with the US custom of shaking hands when you are introduced to someone new.
- Location: Burma (Myanmar)
- Language: Kayah Li
- Religion: Christianity; animism
- Reason for leaving: ethnic persecution; religious persecution; political views
- Additional Information
Did you know? There are many similarities between the Karen and Karenni, but they are distinct ethnic groups.

- Location: Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo Kinshasa)
- Language: French
- Religion: Christianity; Islam
- Reason for leaving: ethnic persecution; political views
Did you know? Most Conganese are multi-lingual! The official language of the Congo is French, but most speak their tribal language, provincial language, and Swahili also.

Here’s a list of some of the other people groups we currently have in our program. With new students arriving constantly, this list is not necessarily exhaustive!
  • Afghani (Afghanistan)
  • Congolese (Congo Brazzaville)
  • Cuban (Cuba)
  • Ethiopian (Ethiopia)
  • Eritrean (Eritrea)
  • Iraqi (Iraq)
  • Karen (Burma)
  • Liberian (Liberia)
  • Mon (Burma)
  • Sudanese (Sudan)

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