Culture Notes

Course Description

The course provides a foundation for civic participation in the community. Topics include reading school schedules, accessing community agencies, banking, environmental issues, eating healthy, securing housing, and managing the banking system. The course also provides a foundation for historical and cultural events in preparation for citizenship courses. This Level 3 Culture Notes course is specifically designed for EL Civics students.

Scope and Sequence

The scope and sequence provides EL Civics objectives, CASAS correlations, and CPCC Benchmarks for the course.

Foundational Scope and Sequence (Levels 1, 2, 3)

CASAS EL Civics Standards

CPCC Benchmarks

Note to Teacher

The courses were developed to give teachers access to as many resources as possible in an organized format. Below materials include pacing guides and sample syllabus. Central Piedmont Community College department of Adult ESL believes teachers are the leaders in their classroom. Teachers base courses on student needs. Teachers and students are not bound to a pacing guide. Classrooms are multi-dimensional and the needs of students are not always linear. Use the below materials as guides when or if needed.

Pacing Guide

The pacing guide is an all-encompassing curriculum for the course. The guide includes a suggested format, civics lessons, lesson plans, photocopiable materials, online resources, and more. Open pacing guide in Word (tab at top of sharepoint screen) in order to access all resources.

Culture Notes Pacing Guide

Sample Syllabus

The sample syllabus provides an example of suggested course expectations, organization of information, texts used, and standards for Adult ESL students.

Culture Notes Sample Syllabus