Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Adult ESL?
A. Adult ESL means Adult English as a Second Language.

Q. What is the Adult ESL Program at CPCC?
A. The Adult ESL provides English language programs and services for recently arrived immigrants. The programs focus on providing ESL courses for community members who need to improve their English language skills to enhance their professional, educational, social and cultural life in the community. Adult ESL is part of the Community Development Division, Basic Skills Department, of Central Piedmont Community College.

Q. Who can  enroll in the Adult ESL classes at CPCC?
A. Adults residing in Mecklenburg County who want to improve their English proficiency can enroll in CPCC's Adult ESL program.

Q. Where may I attend Adult ESL classes?
A. Adult ESL classes are offered at CPCC’s Central, Harper, North, Cato, and Levine campuses. Also some classes take place at selected off-campus sites (community based organizations).

Q. How many Adult ESL levels are offered?
A. There are six levels of Adult ESL instruction: ESL Beginner Literacy, ESL Beginner, ESL Intermediate Low, ESL Intermediate High, ESL Advanced Low, and ESL Advanced High.

Q. What kind of Adult ESL instruction is available?
A. There are three ways to learn English at CPCC: traditional Adult ESL classes,  Distance Learning English, and Self-study English Language Lab. Instruction is offered in both leveled and multi-level settings. Self-study English Language Lab and Distance Learning English classes are multi-level.

Q. How do I register for the Adult ESL classes?
A. Student should choose the most convenient location and register there.

For all classes at Central Campus, the prospective student must go to the Basic Skills Information Center at Central High Building, room KR104, to start the registration process.

For English classes at Cato Campus, students are required to sign up and attend a 12-hour orientation in CT 105 where testing and program options will be presented.

At Harper and Levine campuses, the prospective student has to go to the Adult ESL lab to start the registration process.

For the English at a Distance classes, the prospective student has to go to the specified classroom and register with the teacher.

For full  information, see the registration page.

Q. Do I have to take a test for registration?
A. All prospective students are required to take a placement test to insure they receive the instruction relevant to their command of English. Students must make sure they have enough time (about two hours) for the whole registration process.

Q. Do I have to buy a specific textbook?
A. Even though is not mandatory to buy the textbook, students are encouraged to acquire the textbook for additional home study.

Q. As a registered Adult ESL student, may I use CPCC’s facilities, like the library?
A. Adult ESL students with a valid student id card may use available CPCC’s facilities. Students may obtain their student id card as soon as they appear in the class roster with their student id number.

Registered Adult ESL students with a valid driver's license may also get a sticker that gives them parking access at Central Campus.

Q. May I bring my children to class?
A. No children are allowed in CPCC’s premises for their own protection.

Q. How much do the Adult ESL classes cost?
A. Adult ESL classes have no direct cost to the student.

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