Pre-requisite Courses

Pre-requisitesHave you always had a problem with math? Or maybe you've been away from school for a while and your reading skills are a little rusty.  Do not worry.

We want to make sure you succeed.  That is why we offer free pre-requisite classes to help you get started.

Based on your placement test results, your advisor will recommend one of four levels of reading and/or math classes that are just right for you!  After completing level four, you will be prepared for entry into GED/HiSET preparation classes, Adult High School, and/or Pathways to Careers.

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Who can enroll?

  • Must be 16 years of age and older and no longer enrolled in public/private school
  • Students scoring below a high school level (9.0) will be placed in pre-requisite classes to build their skills.


What courses do I take?

  • To enroll in GED/HiSET preparation classes, Adult High School, or many of the college's job training programs, you need to score a 9.0 on the placement test in reading and math.
  • If you score below 9.0, you will be placed in pre-requisite classes in reading and/or math until your placement test scores reach 9.0.
  • Most classes are 8 weeks in length and meet 10 hours per week.  Day and evening classes are available.
  • A computer lab is available for additional instructional support or for students needing a more flexible schedule.
  • Classes are offered at the Central, Cato, Merancas, and Harper Campuses as well as several community sites.
  • To ensure success, students will need to attend on a regular basis and adhere to the department’s attendance policy.


How long will it take?

  • If your  test results place you in a level 4 class, you can possibly complete the pre-requisites in eight weeks.
  • If your test results place you in a level 1, 2, or 3 class, it can possibly take 16 - 32 weeks.


How do I enroll?

To learn how to enroll in classes, click here.