Student Requirements

Adult High School Enrollment Requirements

1 Students must meet with a counselor to evaluate their transcript and determine the classes they need to earn their diploma.
2 Minimum age for enrollment is 18.
3 Full time students must attend at least 12 hours / week. Each class is two (2) hours per day Monday - Thursday.
4 Strict attendance policy enforced.

Students must complete an orientation and assessment to determine academic needs and abilities. Learn more about the TABE® assessment here.

  • Students must receive a TABE® assessment of 9.0 in reading and math to enroll in GED Preparation classes.
  • If a student scores below this, they will be referred to a Foundational Skills class.

Graduation Requirement:

Accumulation of a per-determined number of credits as approved by Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).  For more information please visit:

Required courses are based on transcript evaluation from the high school you last attended.  They may include:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health
  • Electives