Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is an Adult High School Diploma the same as the GED®?
A. No.  They are different program tracks towards obtaining a high school credential.  Please see below for additional information.


Adult High School Diploma

Eligibility to Enter Program



Minimum of 9th grade proficiency level in reading and math on the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE).



Minimum of 9th grade proficiency level in reading and math on the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE); Previous transcript evaluation with counselor.



Minimum Age



16 years old
Minors (16 – 17 years of age): visit



18 years old

Military Restrictions



Please visit for additional information.



Attendance Requirements



Strict attendance policy enforced






  • Language Arts – reading
  • Language Arts – writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Required courses are based on transcript evaluation from the high school you last attended. They may include:


  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health
  • Electives


Graduation Requirements



Passing score on all five subject areas of the GED® Test.



Accumulation of a pre-determined number of credits as approved by Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools (CMS).


For more information please visit:







According to the American Council on Education (ACE), about 95% of U.S. colleges and universities accept the GED credential in place of a high school diploma.



Accepted as a standard high school diploma.






Recent studies reported by the ACE show that roughly 96% of U.S. employers accept the GED® as equivalent to a high school diploma.



Accepted as a standard high school diploma.



Class Options



  • GED Fast Track
  • GED Online
  • Pathways to Employment
  • GED Learning Resource Center

Eight week classes and online courses



Class Locations



Multiple CPCC campuses and community sites



Central Campus


Harris Campus (online students only)







All College and Career Readiness courses are offered FREE of charge to students. Students may elect to purchase their own books, if desired. There is a fee for the actual GED® Tests.



Q. I have a certificate diploma. How do I get an official diploma?
A. A certificate diploma means that you have completed all necessary classes for high school completion. The North Carolina Competency Tests (NCCT) is no longer required. Students must go back to their high school and petition for their high school diploma.

Q. Can I transfer AHS Diploma class credits back to my high school?
A. No. AHS course credits can be transferred to another AHS Diploma program. Students cannot attend AHS and a public high school at the same time.

Q. I need only 1/2 credit in a subject. Can I earn a half credit in AHS?
A. No. We do not offer half credits. You must earn a full credit for each course.

Q. Does AHS offer foreign languages?
A. No.

Q. I need algebra to graduate. Can I take only that one course?
A. Yes. After our counselor evaluates your transcript, we will help you register for the courses you need to complete the 20 credits required for your high school diploma.

Q. Do I have to attend class or can I just take tests?
A. No. Students must attend traditional classes or online and lab classes.

Q. Once I complete all of the credits, will I get a diploma from my high school?
A. Upon graduation you will have earned an Adult High School Diploma issued by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Board of Education through the Central Piedmont Community College.

Q. When is graduation?
A. The Adult High School graduation ceremony is held once a year in May. Fall and Summer graduates from the previous year, as well as current Spring graduates, are invited to participate. Information containing ceremony details is sent to graduates and potential graduates in the months prior to the ceremony. See the Graduation site for more information.

Q. How many credits do I need to graduate?
A. You need to fulfill 20 credit units with the AHS program to earn a Diploma. Some of your credits may transfer from your last school attended. After the mandatory placement test, you will meet with the AHS Counselor to develop an Education Plan.

Q. What is the Accuplacer Test?
A.  The Accuplacer Test is a standardized test that assesses reading and math skills.  This test is used for students who have completed Adult High School or the GED® Test.  This test is required for students who would like to attend college.  A preparation session is offered by CPCC for students who have applied for admission.  Please contact Phillip Tran for additional information.
Please click here for additional information and a free practice test!

Q.  What books do I need?
Please click here.


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