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ESL Instructor Fast Track Training
To address the need for more English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers in the United States, CCO is pleased to offer an eight-week ESL Instructor Fast Track Training course that is designed for both new adult educators and individuals who are considering a career in Adult ESL.

The course is offered 100 percent online and presents an overview of the subject of learning and teaching English to adults in a flexible, self-pace manner that does not require a fixed schedule or on-campus attendance.

Pricing:  College Rate – $200 plus a technology fee per student. More Information

Mortgage Math (1
8 hours)

Mortgage Math is a four-week, self paced, online course, which concentrates on the math used in the mortgage industry.  Students will learn how to calculate payments, income, LTV, housing and debt ratios, and amortize a loan.  This is an excellent course for students who want to become loan officers, processors, or underwriters.  Students must have a calculator.

Introduction To Mortgage Lending  (24 hours)

Introduction to Mortgage Lending is a five-week Instructor led, online foundation course for individuals without any experience in mortgage lending.  Topics include basic terms and concepts with an overview of the entire mortgage process.  Online courses will have weekly assignments and quizzes.   All materials are included in the cost of the course.

Real Estate Math (18 hours)

Real Estate Math is a four-week, self paced, online course designed to teach students how to solve the most common real estate math formulas on the state pre-licensing exam.  Students will learn simple approaches to correctly answer all types of real estate math problems.  They will apply this knowledge by completing practice problems and quizzes.

Conventional Loan Processing (24 hours)

Conventional Loan Processing is a five-week, Instructor led, online course which provides the student with basic terms and concepts used to process conventional mortgage loans.  Topics include: regulatory disclosures, credit reports, housing and debt ratio calculations, income verification and calculations, loan-to-value, asset verification, and required funds to close.  Tuition includes books and materials.  Online students must call 704-330-4681 to make arrangements to either pick up the required materials or request to have them mailed, at least  one-week prior to the class start date.

Introduction to Underwriting (24 hours)

Introduction to Underwriting is a five-week, Instructor led course, which introduces the student to conventional mortgage underwriting concepts including: risk analysis, risk-layering, determinations of credit worthiness of a borrower, decision-making and settling loan conditions.  It is strongly recommend that students take Conventional Loan Processing before taking this course.  Online courses have weekly assignments and quizzes.

SAFE Online Practice Exams (12 hours)

SAFE Online Practice Exams is a six-week, self paced, online course comprised of sample practice exams designed to prepare students to take the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Exam.  Students seeking licensure are still required to take the pre-liscencing course(s) required by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). These practice tests concentrate on state and federal legislation, mortgage math, and general concepts used in the mortgage industry.

Budgeting Basics for Paying Off Debt (6 hours)

Do you need help getting out of debt?  Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck without knowing where each dollar is spent.  As a result, our consumer debt increases, along with our financial stress.  It’s never too late to gain control of your finances, so don’t wait any longer.  This course will help you understand debt and provide you the knowledge to develop and maintain a workable financial budget that will put you back into control of your finances.