Frequently Asked Questions about Sailing for Women

What to Wear and Bring:

  • Hat or Visor (bring a hat retainer to keep it on!)
  • Dress in Layers
  • Closed-Toe Tennis Shoes
  • Sunglasses (bring glasses clips or cords for your regular glasses, too.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Raingear, if appropriate

Dress in layers and bring a hat. We can’t be responsible for your hat or your glasses if they blow overboard, so please bring a retainer for your hat and a cord or retainer for your glasses.  While non-skid boat shoes are best, any rubber soled tennis shoes will provide safe footing. Sandals and flip flops do not provide foot protection.

Most people feel cooler out on the water, so bring appropriate clothing. Even in the strong summer sun, you may want a thin layer of light-colored clothing to cover your skin. A Tee or tank top is essential since we all must wear life jackets. There is plenty of room on board to store your extra clothing. While the cockpit of High C’s is covered with a bimini, rain gear always comes in handy

The Marina has a restroom for use before and after you sail and High C’s is equipped with a private Head available at any time during our sail.

Medical and First Aid:
Basic first aid supplies are available aboard High C’s. If you have medical conditions that would limit your ability to function away from immediate medical care, you should not take the course. When you sign up for the course, it is incumbent upon you to make us aware of any medical considerations.

Physical Fitness Requirements:
Sailing can be strenuous and being in the sun and on the water for an extended period of time can be exhausting. You should expect a moderate to high level of physical activity while aboard High C’s.
By signing up for the course, you are attesting to your ability to function at this level of physical activity. Because you will be acting as a member of the crew, you will be expected to be physically able to perform all the tasks outlined in our course descriptions including:

  • Climbing up and going forward on the deck while the boat is in motion
  • Pulling on and securing sail lines
  • Responding to voice commands
  • and oh yeah, just having fun!

Check In:
Plan to arrive twenty minutes prior to the start of your class so you can get comfortable and be ready to sail!.

Sailing for Women