Personal Training Certification

Personal Trainer Whether for a career move or for personal knowledge, get all the information needed to prepare to be a successful nationally Certified Personal Trainer. The collegiate course is for candidates wanting in-depth instruction and hands-on experience with a top veteran instructor to master the career skills & knowledge to be a successful trainer.



The course consists of key topics including: biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, equipment usage, health assessment, hands-on practical training labs with role playing drills on exercises, presentation skills, etc to professionally master the position.

  • Level 1 – Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: Successfully complete the written and practical exams. CPR/AED required.

  • Level 2 - Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: Successfully complete your Level 1 exams followed by a 30 hour internship that will help connect to local employers.


View the course outline: WIT 7000

Required textbook:
Fitness Professional's Handbook-7th Edition with Web Resource ISBN-13: 9781492523376 is available for purchase online.

Course schedule for dates, times and locations

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