Jessie Wilcox

Area of instruction at CPCC: screenwriting

About me: I love helping students get into their story and translating it into script format!

Career accomplishments:

  • Story development director at Paramount for veteran screenwriters, directors and producers.
  • Substantial film industry experience and knowledge of film imparted to students in the emerging film world in Charlotte.
  • Previously I have been involved in the pre-production of Days of Thunder (Simpson-Bruckheimer, producers).

    Experience in your field:

    • Throughout my career I have worked in all facets of the entertainment industry, including motion picture packaging, distribution, production and pre-production.
    • Continue to serve as story consultant to writers and Hollywood producers.
    • For the last seven years, I have been teaching screenwriting at regional colleges and holding screenwriting workshops in Charlotte and Asheville.
    • Mentored students who entered the Nicholls Screenwriting Competition and others who won awards in film festivals such as 48 Hours.
    • Remain actively involved in the film industry.