Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers Self Defense InstructorArea of instruction at CPCC: Self-Defense for Women and Boot Camp Fitness

About me: I would rather my students know the self-protection techniques I teach and not need them, than not know them and one day need them.

Career accomplishments/affiliations and recognitions:
                • 2005 - Kanshin Ryu Kempo Rokudan (6th degree black belt)
                • 1997 - International Kempo Karate Association Instructor of the Year
                • 1996 – Top instructor Award/Top 200 martial arts school in North America
                • 1995 – Top Instructor Award/Top 200 martial arts school in North America
                • 1993 – Shodan/level in Kabudo (weapons)
                • 1992 – International Kempo Karate Association Black Belt of the Year
                • Former full contact fighter and forms competitor
                • National – Pro Marksman Award
                • National – Marksman First Class

Experience in your field:
  • Owner/Chief Instructor Personal Self Defense System Training Company
  • Director/Instructor Calvary Church CHAMP Karate and the Fitness and Wellness Programs
  • Presidential Physical Fitness Program Instructor
  • Camp K.U.D.O.S (summer camp for children with diabetes) karate instructor
  • Martial Arts instructor in Charlotte area for 18 years

Additional areas of interest:
  • Close Quarter Combat and Defensive Tactics for Personal Protection, Military and Law Enforcement
  • Self defense classes for women and children