Sharon Rooney Ross

Belly Dance

Area of Instruction: Bellydance

About Me:

My goal as a dance instructor is to assist the student in her embracing the power and the beauty that she is.  We do this in the fun and safe environment of the dance studio. Through dance, I hope to help her express her creativity and gain confidence in learning a new skill. The poise, grace, strength and self-awareness she learns will extend out into her life outside the dance studio. We do this through building a foundation of movement in a focused yet supportive way.

Career Accomplishments:

I wrote and published, Unveiling the Mystery of Choreography, A girlfriend's guide to choreography for bellydancers.



Experience in your Field:

I have been studying and performing bellydance since 2002.

In 2007, myself and a fellow classmate and performer formed Moonlight Bellydance and began choreographing and teaching.

Additional Areas of Interest:

Cake decorating, technology and coaching


Owner of Moonlight Bellydance

Choreographer and teacher in the art of Bellydancing