Writing Courses and Workshops

CPCC offers a mix of writing courses that feature some of the area's finest and most talented writers. The choices give you different days and times, including weekend sessions.






NEW! Online Courses: Introduction to Journaling and Breaking into SitCom Writing

In-person classes in spring 2015 include:

Letter Writing - Reviving a Lost Art in Today's Fast Paced World

Creative Writing

Advanced Creative Writing - Creativity Taken to the Next Level

Telling Your Story - The Personal Essay and the Essence of Memories

Crafting the Personal Essay Part ll - The Essence of Memories - Expand your skills, and take your stories to the next level.

Freelance Journalism - Writing to Sell

The Editing and Revision Process

Songwriting Made Easy - Unravel the mysteries of songwriting; ideas, melodies, song and story structure and more.


Join us at Myers Park High School on Monday or Wednesday evenings. Call 704.330.4223 for information or to register.