Gardening for Busy Families – Planning, Building and Planting a Raised Bed Garden for Fall

raised-bed-gardenHave you always dreamed of a backyard garden, but were concerned you did not have the time or space for one? In order to grow a successful fall garden in Charlotte you will need to begin planning your fall garden in early summer, culminating with planting seeds by 8/15. Let our seasoned, organic gardening expert share an innovative approach to taking the work out of planting and maintaining a garden with insider tips and techniques on site selection, design, proper seed, soil and plant selection to optimize your growing space and production via raised bed gardening. 


Course note: Class time includes an outside field trip to visit a finished, raised bed, organic garden for space and design ideas. Suggested Supplemental Text: "No Green Thumb Required!" by Don Rosenberg.


Course schedule for dates, times and locations