World and Regional Cuisines


From curries to won-tons, people from around the world bring their culinary pleasures and customs to the Charlotte community. CPCC finds the best of the best in cooking talent to bring you these popular world cuisines.

With non-degree, short-term courses and workshops, you'll be enjoying and learning about foods from around the world.

Let's Cook Southern Y'all- Join us for some lip smacking, tasty Southern foods.

Tasty First Bites From Around the World- popular small appetizers from around the world.

Indian Vegetarian Cooking - a favorite class of our Charlotte Cooks' students. A field trip to an Indian Grocery Store and dinner at a local Indian Vegetarian restaurant is on the schedule.

American Sushi- join us for a hands-on class in which you wrap and roll sushi.

Pizza, Pizza and More- create a variety of pizzas, calzones and more!

Wrap and Roll: A Spring Roll Workshop- the consummate finger food appetizer.


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