World and Regional Cuisines


From curries to won-tons, people from around the world bring their culinary pleasures and customs to the Charlotte community. CPCC finds the best of the best in cooking talent to bring you these popular world cuisines.

With non-degree, short-term courses and workshops, you'll be enjoying and learning about foods from around the world.

Authentic Mexican Cooking- join Chef Lucia for 3 fun-filled nights feasting on tasty, traditional Mexican foods and beverages.

Italian Cooking Package- Learn more for less when you enroll. We combined The Taste of Italy and Holy Cannoli! classes.

A Taste of Italy- travel through three regions of Italy without leaving Charlotte. This popular cuisine offers many gastronomic delights which we will share with your during the 3 class sessions.

Holy Cannoli- classic Italian desserts will be prepared, plan to indulge for two nights!

German Cooking Package- learn more for less when you enroll. We combined our Hearty German Cooking and Viennese Dessert classes.

Hearty German Cooking- our newest class offers nourishing and hearty foods which makes a delicious meal during the cooler weather.

Viennese Desserts- a wide variety of cakes and tortes made with a selection of fruits are just a few of the popular recipes you will create.

Tex-Mex Regional Cooking- our chef instructor will be sharing her favorite recipes from Texas. You won't leave this class hungry!

Pennsylvania Dutch Regional Cooking- take a bite out of food history with our chef instructor as she shares the simpler lifestyle unique from the menus created in the kitchen.

Tasty First Bites From Around the World- popular small appetizers from around the world.

Pizza, Pizza and More- create a variety of pizzas, calzones and more!



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