Important Information for Notary Public Class

Required Textbook – "North Carolina Notary Public Manual 2016"


Note: Books must be purchased before the beginning of class. You may purchase books at any campus bookstore or you may order online in advance. Course number (BUS 7116) and section number (01, 02, etc.) are required to order books online. Please call Levine Bookstore at 704.330.4233 or other bookstores at 704.330.6514 with questions.

To facilitate your course and make the experience more rewarding, we recommend
reviewing the following content:
• Qualifications – Pages 1-3
• Definitions – Pages 21-28

Contact Information
• Secretary of State – Notary Division – 919.807.2000

Regarding Name Changes
• In the event your name has changed (e.g. marriage, divorce, etc.), it is important to contact
customer service at 704-330-4223, to learn what must be done to update your college records
so that they reflect your current name.