Notary Public

Notary sealBanking, construction, healthcare and many other industries require the services of Notaries Public in North Carolina. Commissioned by the N.C. Secretary of State, notaries may acknowledge signatures, administer oaths and affirmations, and verify or prove signatures.




The 6.5-hour course gives new and renewal applicants the latest information on legal, ethical and procedural requirements of notarial acts. The purpose is for you to become a qualified candidate for the Notary Public commission. To be a successful candidate, you must meet a minimum 80 percent exam score.
View the course outline: BUS 7116

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Electronic (E-Notary) Certification

Existing North Carolina notaries public can now exercise electronic notarial acts as set forth by North Carolina's Secretary of State. You must hold a valid commission as a North Carolina notary public to qualify for this certification. Topics cover the N.C. E-Notary Act, eligibility and registration, E-notary processes, technology solutions and providers, ethics regarding E-notarizations, consequences of misconduct, security standards, best practices and recommendations. Note: Existing NC notaries must bring their NC notary numbers with them to class.
View the course outline: BUS 7117

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