Transport and Automotive

mechanicCPCC prepares commercial tractor-trailer truck drivers, automotive dealers and inspectors according to state rules and regulations. You can also learn auto body repair and restoration.





Commercial Truck Driving (CDLA)

Learning to Drive a Commercial Truck Class "A" (CDLA)
Start a professional career with this 384-hour comprehensive program with field training. Register early! Limited enrollment.

Fork Truck Operator

Forklift Operator Certification
OSHA certified four-hour course gives you the essentials for the safe operation of lift trucks.


Auto Body Restoration

N.C. Independent Auto Dealers

N.C. Independent Auto Dealer Initial License (AUX 7561)
The required 12-hour course to become an independent auto dealer in North Carolna.

N.C. Independent Auto Dealer License Renewal (AUX 7560)
Meet your yearly re-certification requirement in North Carolina.

N.C. Inspections

Vehicle Emissions Inspection OBDII, Initial (AUX 8823)
Learn to inspect vehicles registered in North Carolina on rules and regulations requiring safety testing.

Vehicle Emissions Inspection OBDII Recertification (AUX 8423)
A required course for current inspector-mechanics in North Carolina.

N.C Vehicle Safety Inspection - Initial (AUX 8825)
Learn to inspect vehicles registered in North Carolina on rules and regulations requiring safety testing.

Vehicle Safety Inspection - Recertification
A required course for current inspector-mechanics in North Carolina.


For details on these and other related programs at CPCC, contact Transport Systems Technology at 704.330.4122.

Group Training

CPCC's Corporate Learning Center can arrange for group training for employers. Learn more about group training here or call us at 704.330.4660.