Manufacturing Leaders' Academy for New and Emerging Leaders

Manufacturing remains vital to Charlotte's economy. The Manufacturing Leaders' Academy is a two-part program designed to prepare the next generation of manufacturing leaders. Part I focuses on leadership and interpersonal skills to help new and emerging leaders be successful. Part II focuses on the business and process skills needed to continuously improve processes, create efficiencies, solve problems, think critically, manage projects and innovate products.

"If one word could describe the job of being a frontline leader today, it would be 'harder.' Growing demands for greater productivity, more innovation, and doing more with less, have made leading at the frontline as challenging--or even more challenging-- as ever."

- Development Dimensions International (DDI) study: "Be Better Than Average: A study on the state of frontline leadership"

What's the most common reason frontline leaders fail? The study says a lack of interpersonal skills. The study show that among leaders with strong interaction skills:

  • 89 percent have more engaged teams
  • 83 percent lead their teams to exceed their productivity goals
  • Turnover is 3 times less likely


Prepare your new and emerging frontline leaders for success.

The Manufacturing Leaders' Academy Part I begins Sept. 25.

Course outline (MLE 7000)
Course schedule for dates, times and locations


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