HR Instructor Profile - Paula Harvey

Paula HarveyWith nearly 25 years of experience, instructor Paula Harvey runs her own consulting practice, has garnered numerous professional awards and holds a host of post-secondary degrees. In addition to these many accomplishments, she has earned almost every HR credential that could fit on a business card.




What do you teach at CPCC? HR Certificate Program, leadership and workplace safety in Corporate and Continuing Education and with the Corporate Learning Center.

Tell us about your experience. My expertise is in employee relations, compliance and strategic managment. I have additional experience in workplace safety and security. I work as an OSHA-authorized trainer and hold the ASC and MESH safety certifications.

Why have you chosen to teach? I teach because I absolutely love to change behavior and to make a difference in people's lives. Each person I touch is an opportunity to share my knowledge.

Describe your students. My students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have experience-based HR knowledge, but no formal training; while others have little knowledge and are making a career change. My students in advanced certification prep courses are tenured HR professionals preparing for their mastery credential.

What do you find most rewarding? Meeting a student years down the line and they walk up to me and introduce me to their loved one saying, "This is Paula Harvey. She is the best instructor I've ever had. She made such a difference in my life."

What advice do you have for adults returning to school?
Learning is a lifelong process. As an adult learner you can take classes that may be applied to your life to improve your skills or to make you a better person. Enjoy the ride; learning is fun if you make it fun.