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Activity Director
Aging Studies
Medical Math (online)
Healthcare Activity Director
Assisted Living Administrator

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Allied Health

Courses in Healthcare Continuing Education give you the flexibility to earn a certificate and to study for national healthcare exams.


Clinical Efficiency and Quality Assurance in Ophthalmology; Work Smarter, Not Harder
Extra-Ocular Muscles and Motility "Which way do I look?"
Ocular Anatomy and Physiology with Dissection Workshop
Ophthalmic Technician's Review of Optics

Advanced Coding
EKG Technician
Exploring Medical Language
Introduction to Biology
Medical Keyboarding
Medical Reimbursement Specialist
Nurse Aide I (Offered only as custom delivery or as a certificate in curriculum.)
Phlebotomy Training Experience

Note: Pharmacy Technician is no longer offered in continuing education. Prepare with our degree and diploma options. Learn more in the Pharmacy Technology Program overview.

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