Scholarship and Networking Opportunities

Wachovia Scholarship for Financial Services Careers

The Wachovia Scholarship for Financial Services Careers has been established to provide scholarship assistance to deserving CPCC students interested in gaining employment in the financial services industry. The endowment was created by a gift from Wachovia to attract and retain students in banking or the Certified Financial Planner Certification Education Program.

Eligible courses include:

Bank Teller Basics (CBX 8020)

Financial Services Professional Certificate (FIN 7500)

Certificate in Mortgage Banking

Mortgage Math (MTG 7312)

Introduction to Mortgage Lending (MTG 7314)

Conventional Loan Processing (MTG 7318)

Introduction to Underwriting (MTG 7324)

FHA Lending (MTG 7333)

NMLS SAFE Pre-licensing courses

20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Origination Essentials (MTG 7200)

NMLS - 4 Hour SAFE NC Mortgage Laws and Regulations (MTG 7204)

CFP Certification Education Program

Fundamentals of Financial Planning (CFE 8001)

Insurance Planning (CFE 8002)

Investment Planning (CFE 8003)

Tax Planning (CFE 8004)

Retirement Planning (CFE 8005)

Estate Planning (CFE 8006)

Financial Plan Development Course (CFE 8007)

Click here for additional information, guidelines and the online application.



Networking Opportunities

CPCC's Financial Services Institute has created a LinkedIn group, to connect individuals  - students and employers working in the industry.  As members of the group, students may search for jobs, get information about course offerings and network with employers and other students in the financial services industry.

If you would like to join our LinkedIn group, please contact Cindy Savage ( and ask to join.