Mortgage Banking

Prepare for a rewarding career in mortgage banking as you help individuals buy or refinance homes. While a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) often works on commission, many other positions within mortgage lending earn a salary. Titles include loan processor, underwriter or credit analyst. As an approved education provider for the Nation Wide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), CPCC can help you begin or advance your career in this growing field.


Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education (CE)


    SAFE Exam - In-class Review (MTG 7205)
    SAFE Online Practice Exams (MTG 7313)


    Professional Development

    Certificate in Mortgage Banking (online)

    Complete five online mortgage banking courses (below) to earn the CPCC Certificate in Mortgage Banking. This recognized credential demonstrates to employers your proven level of expertise.

    Online courses:

    Mortgage Math (MTG 7312)
    Introduction to Mortgage Lending (MTG 7314)
    Conventional Loan Processing (MTG 7318)
    Introduction to Underwriting (MTG 7324)
    FHA Lending (MTG 7333)

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