The O.P. and W.T. Crowder Construction Institute located at the Harper Campus offers a complete program of carpentry instruction, including non-degree continuing education courses. Advance in a progressive sequence with our hands-on courses. Expert instructors are designed for apprentices, current craft workers and for those interested in the skills and knowledge for basic construction, as well as floor, wall, ceiling and roof framing, advanced techniques and beyond.


Introduction to Furniture and Cabinet Making

Introduction to Interior Trim Molding

Introduction to Exterior Molding

Introduction to Carpentry

Carpentry Level 2

Carpentry Level 3

Carpentry Level 4

The College uses the Wheels of Learning curriculum. The institute also offers the 112-hour NCCER - CORE Curriculum that can be used with welding, plumbing, carpentry and electrical programs.

For more on credit-based programs, visit Construction Management Technology. Or as a student, you may want to learn about credit-based Co-op or Workplace Learning. Employers who want to sponsor individuals or explore workplace learning may contact the Corporate Learning Center or call 704.330.4660.