Web Design and Development

Web Design

A Web designer is concerned with the aesthetics of a site and how the visitors interact with it. Website design includes usability, ergonomics, layout traditions, user habits, navigation logic and other things that simplify and speed the user experience.

Front End Development

The Front End Web Developer is responsible for creating and implementing Web-based user interfaces. Works closely with Web designers, Back End Developers and database administrators. He/she is the bridge between design and development and contributes to planning and defining the web application.

Web Development

Web development is the back-end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages that enables website functionality. It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup. The Web development hierarchy includes Client-side coding, Server-side coding and Database technology.

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On Campus


Website Designer Certificate Web Pages
Building Websites with HTML & CSS
JavaScript & jQuery Frond End Web Development
Web Development Tools
Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5

NEW! Programming/Web Development Certificates

C# Basic Programming Certificate
Core Java Programming Certificate
Web Designer Certificate
Front End Jr Developer Certificate
Programming in HTML5/CSS3/JS Certificate


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