Programming and App Development

Programming and Application Developers are the most sought-after technology workers at any given point. These professionals enjoy one of the lowest unemployment rates around -- just 1.8 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

At CPCC Computer Technology Institute, we are helping mid-career professionals re-skill in this high demand area of technology. We offer fundamental, intermediate and advanced classes, covering the entire development cycle.

"REACH IT has been a tremendous success for me personally.  Because of REACH IT, I have gained the skills and confidence necessary to be a valuable software developer.  I have been hired by what I feel is a great company that can see the value of my REACH IT experience.  Thank you". David Batts, .NET Development.


TitleCourse #Delivery Offered
Software Development Fundamentals
MTA-7300 Classroom Spring 2016
Beginning Object Oriented programming in C# DPT-7300 Classroom Spring 2016
Programming with .NET Framework DPT-7633 Classroom Spring 2016
Core Java Series - Fundamental
DPT-7510 Classroom Spring 2016
Core Java Series - Object Oriented
DPT-7511 Classroom Spring 2016
Core Java Series - Java Advanced DPT-7512 Classroom Spring 2016
Java Web Services with Rest *** New *** DPT-7513 Classroom Spring 2016
HTML5 Development Fundamentals
MTA-7303 Classroom
Fall 2016

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