Systems Application Products (SAP)

If you’re not sure about the value of  building your  SAP expertise to prepare for a job in today’s workplace, consider this:

More than 260,000 companies in the world run SAP.  These companies represent 86 percent of Global Fortune 500 companies.



At CPCC's Computer Technology Institute, we have recently become a SAP Student Academy Partner allowing us to bring you the training for the skills you need to qualify for the SAP jobs in the Charlotte market.


Each course, except ERP Basics is a three month online duration, with a fee of $2,295.  ERP Basic is a two month online duration with a fee of $1,530. Test vouchers can be sold as a bundle with the course at an additional fee of $400. Test vouchers cannot be sold separately.


**The course content is delivered in an e-learning format consisting of presentation slides with audio commentary, system demonstration/practice simulations, slide notes, and mentor tips.  All classes are self-directed and offered through SAP.  Please review system requirements before registering.

Questions? Contact: Karla Shields

Ready to Register? Type CPCC at link

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