Computer and Information Technology

Computers and information technology (IT) touch nearly every aspect of modern life. Regardless of your occupation having IT skills enables you integrate and communicate between businesses anywhere in the world.

Basic Computer Skills

Our Basic Computer Skill courses will help you migrate to the world of technology in a friendly, non-threatening environment.  Whether you are re-entering the workforce or wanting to know more about how to use your iPhone; this is the place to start.


The Computer-aided design (CAD) courses that we offer are short-term and taught by industry experts.  AutoCAD is the Industry's leading program used in architecture, engineering, and construction, due to its project and workflow capabilities.

Creativity Tools

The Creativity Tools from Adobe, prepare you for whole new experience in digital media and development, enabling you to work fast and reach audiences wherever they be.  Learn these skills in a creative environment by people like you who have a passion for design.

Data Management and Analytics

The Data Management and Analytic courses are designed for an IT Professional moving into analytics or a business professional needing to maximize technology to retrieve, manipulate, and visually report data.  We offer classes in Excel, Access,  SQL, and Power BI.

Digital and Social Media

Digital media and social media courses take your marketing strategy to the next level by learning the secrets behind the power of social media marketing. Not only will your business benefit from the tools taught in these courses, but you'll also benefit with personal marketing to boost career opportunities.

Digital Photography

Take your hobby to the next level by learning the tools and techniques Professional Photographers use to create magical pieces of art and tell their story.

IT Infrastructure (Networking and Security)

IT Infrastructure courses give you the skills to keep IT systems running. ComputerWorld Magazine rates Infrastructure skills in their top four IT skills needed in today's workplace.

Productivity Tools (Microsoft Office Suite)

Productivity courses teach you to be more productive in your every day work and cut your workload with tricks and techniques of the popular MS Office Suite, including Excel, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint.  Advance your skills using collaborative tools like SharePoint.

Programming and Web Development

Programming and app development courses target the number one skill needed today. Learn to program from industry experts who bring real-life examples and projects into the classroom. We offer classes in Java, C#, and HTML. Whether you are new to programming or wanting to learn a new language, these courses are designed for you.


The SAP course offerings are through SAP Student Academy. These online courses offer you world-class career training that gives you the knowledge and skills to move to an employer's job short list of applicants. Our SAP e-Academy provides focused learning paths that lead directly to certifications.


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