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These six-week, instructor-guided, self-paced online courses build your technology skills one course at a time. Complete assignments weekly. Skill based online technology classes allow you to quickly advance your IT skills.

Our short-term (six-week) online courses advance your IT skills. Each course  builds upon the next in developing, growing and increasing your productivity with technology.

Classes available year-round.



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Start Dates:  Apr 12, May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9
Duration of class: Six weeks
Delivery: Self-directed with weekly assignments.

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Basic Skills & Applications - $195/each


Microsoft Office:


      Adobe Creativity Tools - $195/each

        Data Management and Analytics - $195/each

          IT Infrastructure - $195/each

          Programming and App Development -  $225/each

          Mobile Development


              Software Development


                  Web Design and Development - $225/each

                  Web Design


                  Web Development

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                    Systems Application Products (SAP)

                    SAP Supply Chain Management; SAP Project Administration and Management; SAP is the market leader in Enterprise Application Software. 76% of all global revenue is generated by companies running SAP. In the Charlotte region, SAP's reach includes the biggest employers that currently run or are looking to make SAP their system of record. With new SAP products including S/4HANA Enterprise Management (formally S/4HANA Simple Finance and Simple Logistics) and a global competitive environment that requires fast, reliable real time capabilities, sharpened or new SAP skill development for managers and employees is a must in today’s business world. CPCC’s Computer Technology Institute offers two new SAP courses targeting Administration and Management of SAP for those leading and/or maintaining their company’s SAP systems and Supply Chain Management for company personnel responsible for the flow of goods and services who manage the planning, purchasing, inventory, shipping and reporting of a business greatest expense, inventory.

                    If you question the value of building your SAP expertise for today's workplace, consider this: More than 260,000 companies in the world run SAP. These companies represent 86 percent of Global Fortune 500 companies.

                    To meet this demand, CPCC’s Computer Technology Institute offers two new SAP courses targeting administration and management of SAP for those leading or maintaining their company’s SAP systems, as well as supply chain management for those responsible for the flow of goods and services.

                    Course and Schedule Information:

                    SAP Administration and Management
                    Designed for project managers responsible for rolling out a SAP project or deployment.
                    View course outline: SAP 8200

                    SAP Supply Chain Management

                    This course follows the natural flow of a supply chain from demand management, production procurement, inventory management and shipping using the SAP system.
                    View course outline: SAP 8201


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                    Instructor Bio:

                    James L. Carrothers, brings students extensive experience and knowledge in SAP. His career spans more than 30 years in corporate roles and consulting specializing in SAP with a focus on supply chain management and project management. His work includes 19 years of SAP consulting with top firms, including PricewatershouseCooper and Deloitte.



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                    Career and Technology Certifications - Online

                    IT and software development career and certification online courses in IT Infrastructure, including Microsoft and CompTIA, Programming and App Development, Digital Analytics and Conversion Professional (OMCP) Certification Prep. Role-based online learning. Learn the IT skills you need for your job.

                    Our role-based online courses advance your IT skills.  Whether you are planning you are transitioning into a new role or wanting to advance in your current job.  IT Skills are a must.  This series of online courses is self-paced.  Allowing you to learn and apply your new skill sets.

                    Classes available year-round.

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                    Start Dates: April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8
                    Duration of class: Varies (see below)
                    Delivery: Self-directed with self-paced assignments and readings with no set schedule.  Participants can complete all assignments before the end date of class.

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                    Programming and Web Development

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                      Online learning gives you freedom of scheduling to help manage work and personal commitments. Find online courses in six-week sessions and career or certifications in just six to 12-months.

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