Digital Media and Photography

Digital Media and Marketing

If you are looking to break into the digital marketing industry, there is no better time than now. Technology is always evolving and Digital Marketers are often at the cutting edge of these trends.

At CPCC Corporate & Continuing Education, we are committed to offering you the programs that best match the skills in demand!  With our NEW On-Demand Scheduling for online classes, we are ready when you are!

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TitleCourse #Delivery
Blogging With WordPress MMG-7020 Classroom
Internet Marketing Fundamentals MMG-7030 Classroom
Pay Per Click Marketing - $1,869
ETG-8049 Online
Search Engine Marketing - $2,400 (12 month duration)
ETG-8087 Online
Social Media and Mobile Marketing Professional with OMCP Prep - $2,244 ETG-8101 Online
Search Marketing Professional with OMCP Prep - $2,244 ETG-8102 Online
Digitial Analytics and Conversion Professional with OMCP Prep - $2,244 ETG-8100 Online


Digital Photography

Digital media has changed the face of digital photography, photo sharing sites, blogging sites and networking sites, thus creating big business for the digital photography market. Networking sites are continuously redesigning their photo sharing section to give consumers a rich and exciting visual experience. Rising interest in photography as a hobby is another leading factor of this growth.


TitleCourse #Delivery
Understanding the Digital SLR camera MMG-7948 Classroom
Digital Photographer Certificate MMG-7942 Classroom
Basic Flash Photography MMG-7906 Classroom
Lightroom 5 MMG-7937 Classroom

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