Computer Technology: Online (6-week) Courses

We offer many short-term (6-week) online courses to advance your IT skills.   Each course is a building block that builds upon another in developing, growing, and increasing your productivity with technology.

If you are looking for a more in-depth learning experience, consider taking our Career and Certification online courses.

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Summer Session Start Dates: June 17, July 15 or August 12
Duration of class:  6-weeks
Delivery:  Instructor-guided with designated assignments.

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Basic Computer Skills - Only $150/each

Creativity Tools - Only $195/each


Data Management and Analytics - Only $195/each


Digital Media & Photography - Only $195/each

Digital Media




    IT Infrastructure - Only $195/each

    Productivity Tools - Only $195/each

    Programming and App Development -  Only $225/each

    Mobile Development


        Software Development


            Web Design and Development -  Only $225/each

            Web Design


            Web Development



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            Career and Certification online courses.



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