Basic Computer Skills

New to computers? These courses are created with you in mind.

Introduction to Computers and Keyboarding is the starting course to gain confidence in working on a personal computer. Your next step is the Office boot camp to learn all the basic programs that will allow you to take better advantage of your computer and to gain valuable technical and job skills.


TitleCourse #Delivery Offered
Intro to Computers and Keyboarding DPX-7000 Classroom Fall 2016
Microsoft Office 2013 Boot Camp BTC-8010 Classroom Fall 2016
Keyboarding ETG-8060 Online On-demand
Introduction to Windows 8 ETG-8061 Online On-demand
Introduction to Windows 10 ETG-8152 Online On-demand
Introduction to PC Troubleshooting ETG-8063 Online On-demand
Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners ETG-8062 Online On-demand
Understanding the Cloud ETG-8112 Online On-demand

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