Data Management and Analytics

Data Management and Analytics:

There are two components of  "big data." One is collection, data integration and management, and the other is analysis and reporting of data.

We have built new technical certifications for the real-world job market, for the Business/Data Analyst.   New and experienced business analysts alike will start researching jobs, only to discover that an overwhelming numbers of positions require specific technical skills.

To be successful as a business analyst, you must have good systems-thinking and technical skills.  These certifications will help you acquire and demonstrate the ability to merge business analysis with the technical skills that companies are looking for. Give your resume a most needed make over and add these new skills in Spring 2015.

Courses Offered:


Self-Service BI

SQL Server

Database Fundamentals

Excel Data Analyst Certificate


      Microsoft Access

        Power BI Data Analyst Certificate

          SQL Server Data Analyst Certificate

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