Lean Healthcare -- Enterprise Value Stream Mapping

Are you patients waiting too long? Explore why and how you can transform your healthcare organization.

CPCC’s Corporate and Continuing Education and Lean Advisors, Inc. have partnered to bring a series of Lean Healthcare seminars to our local healthcare professionals providing effective approaches to applying lean concepts in healthcare settings.

In order for a process to reach its full potential, it is important to initially understand what is happening from a system perspective (end-to-end).  Learn how to analyze and create a current state Value Stream(s) and create a Future State vision/strategy plus a detailed Future State Implementation Plan.  The Plan will detail the Kaizen events, who should be involved, when they will be involved and the impact the change will have on the organization and clients.


course_iconCourse outline (LHC 7510)
schedule_iconCourse schedule for dates, times and locations