CFP Student Profile - Kylan Lamont

Kylan LamontAt only 24, novice banking specialist Kylan Lamont wanted to accelerate her financial career and to bring greater value to her clients. The Certified Financial Planner Certification Education program at CPCC helped her do both, including securing a promotion.

"I have been recognized both professionally and personally for showing dedication to my field," says Lamont, who works as a personal trust specialist for BB&T. "Not only do I have more confidence, but I have also been able to actively use my knowledge to better serve my clients." Her advice to others is don’t hesitate. "CPCC provides a circle of support that will help you achieve your goals."

Why did you choose to continue your education? As a young professional, I did not have the years of experience that many of my colleagues could provide. I understood the importance of education in order to accelerate my career and stand out among my peers. The CFP Certification Education program at CPCC was the means to this goal. Additionally, I saw the Financial Services Institute as a way to network within my industry and expand my knowledge on financial planning.

What was the most challenging aspect of returning? I was most concerned about balancing my career with the time commitment of classes and studying. I was also unsure if my prior experience was significant enough to contribute to a classroom setting. I was anxious that the learning curve would be too steep.

What did you find most rewarding? I have felt a significant sense of accomplishment by completing the CFP classes. I have been recognized both professionally and personally for showing dedication to my field. Not only do I have an increased confidence, but I have been able to actively utilize my knowledge to the benefit of my clients. Additionally, I was able to network and discover a community of teachers and classmates that will continue to be advocates for my career.

What advice would you offer to others? Don't be hesitant to engage in continued education. Obstacles such as schedules, age and time commitment will pale in comparison to the rewards. In the current economy, education cannot be undervalued and I am confident the benefits will continue for years. CPCC provides a circle of support that will help you acheive your goals excel both personally and professionally.

How did CPCC help you meet your career goals? While attending CPCC, I received a promotion that aligned me specifically with trusts and estate planning. Upon the completion of my certification, I will be relocating to act as the primary trust specialist within my division in Florida. Most importantly, by attending CPCC I have been recognized by my colleagues and managers as an employee who values knowledge and is committed to professional development.