Audio and Video Engineering

Audio Engineering

Learn about the recording studio from an artistic and operational view in CPCC's progressive series of non-degree continuing education courses.

Audio Engineering - Level 1 (AAC 8002)
Introduction to the recording studio, including audio consoles, equipment and echo chambers.

Audio Engineering  - Level 1B
A deeper study of the topics in Level 1 and prepares you for Level 2.

Audio Engineering - Level 2 (AAC 8003)
Begin to apply recording techniques, including multi-track recording.

Audio Engineering - Level 3 - Techniques (AAC 8005)
Learn digital workstations and ProTools for multi-track recording with post-production, editing and more.

Video Engineering

The Art of Production
Learn to become a film and video production assistant or specialist for broadcast production, film and video production and entertainment technologies.

The Art of Production - Level 1 (AAC 8004)
The Art of Production - Level 2 (AAC 8014)

Video Editing
Basic and intermediate editing of digital media using commercial app Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X - Level 1 (AAC 8010)
Final Cut Pro X - Level 2 (AAC 8012)