Audio Engineering

Learn about the recording studio from an artistic and operational view in CPCC's three non-degree continuing education courses. Presented by the Arts and Communications program, these hands-on courses progress through three levels of skills and knowledge.

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Audio Engineering Level 1 is a 32-hour comprehensive course that introduces the topic, and emphasizes audio consoles, equipment and echo chambers.

Course outline (AAC 8002)
Course schedule for dates, times and locations

Deepen your study In Audio Engineering Level 2. You will begin to apply recording techniques, including multi-track recording in this 64-hour course where you create projects and use the equipment.

Course outline (AAC 8003)
Course schedule for dates, times and locations

In the final course, Audio Engineering Level 3, learn about digital workstations and using ProTools to do multi-track recording with post-production, stereo editing and more. Students should bring their own headphones to class.

Course outline (AAC 8005)
Course schedule for dates, times and locations

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