Bridge the Gap

agingstudiesThis course is designed to supplement Healthcare Activity Director (OAP 7010). It is a fast-track alternative to MEPAP I (Modular Educational Program for Activity Professionals) for individuals pursuing certification with the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP).

Taken along with the Healthcare Activity Director course, this course fulfills the requirements for the 90-hour MEPAP 2nd edition, Part I. It also serves as a prerequisite for Activity Director Part II (OAP 7007).

Note: This 66-hour course includes 14 hours of in-class instruction, 22 hours online instruction and 30 hours of a preceptorship. Prerequisite: OAP 7010. Required textbook: “Activities Keep Me Going and Going,” by Peckham and Miller.

course_iconCourse outline (OAP 7011)
schedule_iconCourse schedule for dates, times and locations