Data Certificates

Our certificates target the professional who is working with data:

Target Industries: finance/banking, healthcare,  manufacturing, media and retail industries.

Sample Roles: business analyst, data analyst, financial analyst, market research analyst, statisticians and scientists.

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Industry Certifications:  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams offered by  Certiport PearsonVue.

Data Certificates:

We offer four separate Data Certificates paths.  We do not require a completion of a certificate. Our set of “bundled” classes simply provide a guide to a logical approach to the skills.  For each class you take, you will receive a certificate for that course.





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    Whether you're interested in changing occupations, developing new IT skills to further your existing career, or planning to re-enter the workforce, our classes are designed to support professionals in transition.  Our IT Career Management course(s) are designed to teach you how to implement new strategies for advancing your career.

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