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Continuing education student at CPCCWhere do you expect to go in your career? Our ongoing non-degree courses, certificates, professional and industry-specific certifications can help you prepare starting today.

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    What's Hot?
    Discover the occupations and credentials in highest demand for the Charlotte area and beyond.

    Jobs in Demand
    Learn about the jobs Charlotte employers are posting online. You'll also find the TOP 25 list (PDF) - Top occupations ranked by number of online job postings from the most recent six-month period (ending April 30, 2016).

    Certifications in Demand
    Here are the top certifications local employers are requesting in job postings. CPCC programs can help you prepare for these credentials and professional exams.

    Career Hub
    CPCC's site to help you search deeper into the skills needed and what the College has to offer for that position.